Project AM is a Vancouver based production company focused on creating engaging content across a diverse range of styles. We offer full film production services, delivering a high-quality product. We are a versatile, adaptable crew who finds creative ways to fulfill your production goals, whether it be brand, narrative or creative.

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Engaging communication of brand values, products, and services. Video content designed to bring exposure to your company's story, values, products and services - No matter how big or small. This includes:

• Commercials
• Social Media Content
• Documentaries & Interviews
• Training Series & Modules
• Product Videos

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Video content designed to realize your vision and project your story or skill set for the whole world to see. This could range from:

• Music Videos
• Live Sessions
• Short Films
• Outsourced Content Creation
• Spec Content & Special Interest



We have revolutionized the production of high quality media content at affordable pricing. Standing at the frontier of a new way for content creators and clients to work together, we are the modern alternative to the bare bone start-ups, and intimidating, (bougie), budget-inflated video production companies. Each of our team leaders have a unique background and skill set making us a force to be reckoned with. We thrive on collaboration & partnerships with our clients. We believe that through development, work shopping, and laughing together, we will create a more compelling video for your business, or project, that will truly stand out.

Our turnover is fast and we are structured in a way that encourages quality video content that you can consistently rely on. Our flexible pricing varies based on the scale of the project - Contact us for a quote.
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I just wanted to say how excited I am with this video and for getting it finished so soon. I know I had a lot of edit requests, and I thank you for taking the time to listen, implement the ones you thought improved the project and stuck to your guns on what you thought should stay the same. I really am so impressed with everything.

- Desirée Dawson

Working with Project AM has been a joy for Bean Around the World. They handled our video production needs from concept and scheduling to shooting and editing. We can't wait to work with them again.

- Bean Around the World