Project AM is a Vancouver based production company focused on creating engaging content across a diverse range of styles. We offer full film production services, delivering a high-quality product. We are a versatile, adaptable crew who finds creative ways to fulfill your production goals, whether it be brand, narrative or creative.

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Engaging communication of brand values, products, and services. Video content designed to bring exposure to your company's story, values, products and services - This includes:

• Commercials
• Social Media Content
• Documentaries & Interviews
• Training Series & Modules
• Product Videos

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Video content designed to realize your vision and project your story or skill set for the whole world to see. From Narrative driven content to an artistic vision. This could range from:

• Music Videos
• Live Sessions
• Short Films
• Outsourced Content Creation
• Spec Content & Special Interest



We have streamlined the production of high quality media content at affordable pricing. Standing at the frontier of a new way for content creators and clients to work together, we are the modern alternative to the bare bone start-ups, and intimidating, budget-inflated video production companies. Each of our team leaders has a unique background and skill set making us a force to be reckoned with. We thrive on collaboration & partnerships with our clients. We believe that through development, work shopping, and laughing together, we will create a more compelling video for your business, or project, that will truly stand out.


Our turnover is fast and we are structured in a way that encourages quality video content that you can consistently rely on. Our flexible pricing varies based on the scale of the project - Contact us for a quote.
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Working with Project AM has been a joy for Bean Around the World. They handled our video production needs from concept and scheduling to shooting and editing. We can't wait to work with them again.

- Bean Around the World

I just wanted to say how excited I am with this video and for getting it finished so soon. I know I had a lot of edit requests, and I thank you for taking the time to listen, implement the ones you thought improved the project and stuck to your guns on what you thought should stay the same. I really am so impressed with everything.

- Desirée Dawson