Serenity West - Choose Serenity

Project AM has been quite excited to present our first video venture into the fashion world.

We collaborated with a local linen and fashion company called Serenity West.
Serenity West is a Vancouver based business owned by Sandra McIntyre and operated by Acacia Cresswell. This mother-daughter dynamic duo locally creates sustainable and high quality clothes and bedding. For their “Choose Serenity” campaign, Serenity West chose to focus on five pillars: Comfort, Real, Essential, Slow and Serenity. We shot a separate vignette for each pillar, focussing on that theme as well as highlighting a specific piece of clothing from their line.

serenity west

Everything went very smoothly during the shoot at the Cresswell’s beautiful home, everyone was definitely feeling very serene.  We were privileged to work with two incredibly talented actresses, Adrienne Nye and Catrina Soroka, as well as one incredibly adorable, well-behaved and “furry” actress, Ginger. The soft lighting, subtle camera moves and inviting locations all contributed to the gentle, relaxing tone we were aiming to portray. This was also the first project in which Antony and Kevin co-directed. Thorough planning, civilized problem-solving, exemplary on-set chemistry. Watch out Coen Brothers!

Project AM prides itself in having a diverse range of industries, ideas and products as part of our portfolio. This incredibly enjoyable collaboration with Serenity West has helped us widen our reach and showcase our interest with working more closely with clothing/lifestyle companies again in the future.

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