Wondershare: PDF Element - Ideas Move Forward

Brand - Product Story
September, 2018

PDF Element is our second project with Wondershare Technologies. The conceptualization and production was an intense and unique experience since Wondershare was on a time crunch to have the product video delivered. From original concept meeting to final delivery, the turnover time for this project was an astounding 2 weeks!

For this particular project, we decided to tell the story of a young, ambitious and creative professional throughout their creation and realization of a beautiful chair. Ideas Move Forward begins with the character’s original sketch of a chair, and ends with the chair’s physical release at a pop up shop. Our hope was that this story line would showcase each phase of the progress with a different feature the software offers, allowing us to tell a cohesive story while demonstrating the abilities, versatility and power of the PDF Element software.

This project is also where Marcus and Antony first met Hallie Ann. After being casted as the principal role, Hallie was introduced to Project AM. It wasn’t long before Hallie decided to come on board as Project AM’s Writer, Story Editor and Co-Producer.

Notable Crew Members:

While our entire crew for this project was incredible, there were a few individuals that went above and beyond. These crew members include:
∙ Keyon Slowly - Producer
∙ Lucas Zhou - 1st AD
∙ Miel Enage - Hair & Makeup
∙ Maria Georgescu - Casting Director
∙ Hallie Ann Jacobson - Lead Role

It was a tough two day shoot with plenty of locations. A lot of quick problem solving mixed in with a spectacular crew made this project unforgettable.

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Stay Gold Ponyboy,

Hallie Ann Jacobson
& The Project AM Team

Check out our behind the scene shots of for you to see what our experience was like!

Photos courtesy of Nick Li Photography & Phillip Wong Photography