For First Time's Sake

Hi. Hello. Welcome.

This is Project AM’s first blog article, (and we’re pretty excited about it). We  decided to dedicate our first post to tackling three things: introducing Project AM, what Project AM’s intentions for our blog are, and what Project AM is all about.


Project AM is a Film & Media Content Production Company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our services include Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. We develop projects from concept to script - script to set - set to the editing room - and from there to final delivery. Project AM is revolutionizing the production of high quality media content at affordable pricing. We offer a new way for content creators and clients to work together as the modern alternative to bare bone start-ups and  intimidating, budget-inflated video production companies. Our turnover is fast and we are structured in a way that enables quality video content that you can consistently rely on.

Project AM produces both Brand and Creative Film/Media content -
Brand content includes:
• Commercials
• Social Media Content
• Documentaries & Interviews
• Training Series & Modules
• Product Videos

Creative content includes:
• Music Videos
• Live Sessions
• Short Films
• Outsourced Content Creation/Webseries
• Spec Content & Special Interest

Our flexible pricing varies based on the scale of the project - Please Contact us for a discussion and a quote.

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In 2016 Antony Packer, (Director/Editor) and Marcus Fung, (Director of Cinematography), founded the film production company, Project AM. It didn’t take long for former classmate and fellow Cap U graduate, Kevin Parker, (Director/Editor/Sound Designer), to get on the bus also, becoming the 3rd member of the Project AM team. Fast forward to 2018, when at twist of fate introduced Project AM to UBC graduate, Hallie Ann Jacobson, (Writer/Story Editor). They quickly realized that all of them were of the same ilk, which resulted in the initiation of Project AM’s fourth member. After banding together, the four team members committed to lead the next generation of filmmakers into the workplace. Antony, Marcus, Kevin and Hallie Ann have been zealously preparing to give Project AM an official launch in January, 2019.

Each of our team leaders have a unique background and skill set making us a force to be reckoned with. We thrive on collaboration & partnerships with our clients. We believe that through development, work shops, and shared laughter, we will deliver a more compelling video that will truly stand out.

Interested in learning more about the Project AM team? Click Here.


Project AM’s blog will consist of articles discussing our experiences with projects, lessons we’ve learned and the filmmaking process in general. On our blog, we will analyze topics, trends, issues, people, roadblocks, and innovations within the film, television, media and marketing industries.

We hope to share our perspective, while becoming more informed by the new connections we make.


Our current focus is to meet new people and businesses itching to tell a story. Help them to realize that story and forge it into creative video content. We strive to provide a fun, profound experience for everyone we collaborate with.

There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down with someone, finding common ground while working on the early stages of a project and seeing each others eye’s light up as we brainstorm.

Most importantly, we want to make a difference while doing what we love, so if you’re striving to do the same with your business or content, we can help you project that to your audience.

If you're interested in Contacting us - Or reading our future blog articles, Please reach out to us anytime & follow us on social media, (@projectam.films).
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Stay Gold Ponyboy,

Hallie Ann Jacobson
& The Project AM Team

Project AM